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Donald M. Swanson Biography

Donald Matthew Swanson.     

Born 1960 an American, Donald Swanson is a Husband, Father and Business Owner.


Donald, a former Radio Personality and also Philanthropist, is the Chairman and President of Donald M. Swanson Insurance Agency,Inc., and the founder of Platinum Elite Marketing Group. 


He currently serves as President of Agency Operations & District Manager of Farmers Insurance Group, District Office 65 in San Diego, California..    


Donald Swanson’s commitment to his family,community and fellow associates have made him a well-known and respected Farmers Insurance District Manager and a community leader.


Swanson is the son of Donald L. Swanson, a retired Houston Numismatist. He worked for his father's firm, Astro City Rare Coin Company, Inc, while attending the University of Houston, Downtown. and in 1982 officially joined the company.     

He was given control of the currency exchange department where he exchanged currencies with the general public and as a trader with local banks.


In 1993 Swanson moved to California where he has established his family and his executive career as one of the Premier District Managers in Farmers Insurance.








Early life and education

Swanson is a son of Donald L.Swanson and his wife, Virginia Dean Swanson, who married in 1956. Donald is one of six children including a twin brother Ronald James Swanson.  Swanson’s paternal great grandparents were Swedish immigrants .Swanson’s maternal great grandparents were German immigrants.


Donald attended Dulles High School in Sugar Land, Texas.   

Swanson attended the  University of Houston, Downtown before he opened his first major corporation at the age of 21.

He continued his education through the University of Phoenix.  Donald received formal insurance training and education through the American College were he received his LUTCF Designation Credential.






Personal life

Swanson is popularly known in his young adult life as one of "The Gold Dust Twins", a nickname perpetuated by the media after an interview he gave in 1980 about rising gold prices while serving as President of Gulf Coast Coin & Stamp, Inc.   


Swanson is also known for his appearance as host of a successful radio talk show   "Financially Speaking " that aired in Houston,Texas and in Palm Desert California. The show focused on Insurance, Money Management and Financial News Topics.


Swanson is an avid sailor and enjoys the outdoors and ocean waters. If you can't catch him with his family or at his work, you will most certainly find him on the waters in San Diego Bay on his 30 foot Catalina he named "Hasta Luego" ( see you later )








Donald Swanson is a member of the United Methodist Church and was confirmed at the age of 9.  He was a member of the Southwest Methodist Church in Houston,Texas for 43 years until he officially transferred his membership.   Swanson is now a member at First United Methodist Church in San Diego. 

Swanson transferred his membership in 2012







Swanson's mother, Virgina was born in San Antonio, Texas. 

At the age of 16 she was named Miss San Antonio. 

At age 18,  she met Donald L. Swanson and married shortly there after.

The Swansons ( Don & Virginia) gave birth to 6 children. Five boys and 1 girl.  Donald M.Swanson was the third child born and has an identical twin brother, Ronald Swanson.


In 2007, Swanson adopted his daughter and only child , Emily Swanson at birth.


On July , 2011 he proposed to Julia Hays, a native of Almaty, Kazakhstan. 

Julia has only one child, her son Justin.

Don and Julia married on April 27, 2013. The new Swanson Family now resides in San Diego, California.   



Business Career

Companies& Corporations

Donald Swanson has had an expansive career encompassing a number of different trades and opportunities.

Donald Swanson first started his career as a Professional Numismatist when he opened his first Corporation with his brother Ronald Swanson.  Gulf Coast Coins was so successful that the brothers sold it for a profit after just 5 short years.

Donald then moved into Wholesale and Retail Jewelry Manufacturing. He operated in this industry for another 5 years until he settled on Insurance and Financial Services, where he has remained for 28 years.  Donald's List of Companies worked for or owned include:


Gulf Coast Coins & Stamps, Inc.

Swanson Fine Jewelers & Gulf Coast Jewelers & Distributors

Associated Coin Exchange

Union Central Life

Mass Mutual

Swanson Financial Group

Principle Financial Group

Donald M Swanson, Insurance Agency Inc.

Farmers Insurance Group of Companies

Platinum Elite Marketing, Inc.




Awards & Recognition


March of Dimes  as a member of the Platinum Donor Club

Community Leadership Award Farmers Insurance Group 

District Manger Of the Year Mass Mutual 1997 & 1998

Manager of theYear Agency Development, Farmers Insurance Group 2005

Farmers Leadership  Award 2007 2008 

Farmers Achievement Awards Toppers Club   2005, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2014

Farmers Championship District Manager Award 2009, 2012


Business & Entertainment media

Financially Speaking  Radio Talk Show


Debuting in April of 1993, "Financially Speaking" became the Number 1 Weekend Program on Talk Radio KSEV, Houston's Most LIstened to AM Station at the time.


Donald and his brother Ronald would spend hours a week pouring over newspapers and magazines to find material and guest for their show and to keep current on financial developments. On Saturday the brothers would devote another 4-6 hours reading and researching and developing topics for the day's show.


Donald spent 3 years as the co-host of the Houston show until opportunity called in California,  where he eventually settled and established his family and executive career.  Donald spent an additional 2 years hosting the same type of show in the California market place.