Best Practice Groups (BPG’s) are small groups of CABB members that meet on a monthly basis to share knowledge and best practices, with the goal of increasing each other’s capabilities, mutual trust and support, and results. A Group Moderator (GM) selects members and schedules and moderates the meetings. Each group has 4-6 members from non-competing market areas with a range of backgrounds and experience levels. Groups can be industry agnostic or industry-specific (e.g. restaurants).

Meetings are monthly, for one hour, via video conference. Example discussion topics: best practices, goal setting and accountability, group consulting, case studies, presentations by members.


Group Moderator (GM) Status Meets Monthly
Andrew Rogerson email Andrew to check availability First Tuesday at 8:30 am
Randy Katz FULL First Thursday at 12:00 pm
Gregory Michail 1 Spot Available TBD
Tyler Evans contact Tyler for availability First Tuesday at 9:00 am


  1. CABB member in good standing
  2. Attend at least 80% of monthly BPG meetings
  3. Actively participate, and strive to give more than you receive
  4. Respect confidentiality of BPG member information
  5. Abide by CABB code of ethics


  1. Find an open group (see above)
  2. Contact one or more Group Moderators to apply. Provide your
    • name,
    • city,
    • years as a business broker,
    • background,
    • target market area, and
    • what you hope to gain from joining.
  3. Your Find A Broker profile will be reviewed, so be sure that it is complete and up to date before you apply.
  4. The GM will let you know if you are accepted into their group or not. GM’s have full authority over group membership.
  5. CABB cannot guarantee that you will be accepted into a group. If you are unable to get into a group, notify the Committee Chair, who will provide your contact information to new GM’s as new groups are formed. Please be patient! Since this is a pilot program, space is limited, and it will take us a while to work out the kinks and open new groups.


Launched in 2020, the BPG Program is managed by a committee that consists of one board member chairperson and all Group Moderators. Its role is to maintain program rules and guidelines, and organize, monitor, and improve the BPG program for CABB.

Committee Meetings: Quarterly.

Contact CABB if you'd like to form a new best practice group or learn more about this program!