Name Nanda Nandkishore, M&AMI, CBI, CBB, Realtor, BRE Licensed Broker (contact broker)
CompanyAcacia Group, Inc.
Primary Address
481 N Santa Cruz Ave Ste 314, Los Gatos, CA 95030
(408) 216-8034
Member Since: 2007

Nanda Nandkishore has been involved with small businesses for around 37 years. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Master’s Degree in Computer Science.  He co-founded VIASOFT, a computer software company in 1983, got Venture Capital Funding and with a growth to $200Million annual revenue the company went public (IPO) in 1995.  While at VIASOFT, he negotiated multimillion dollar M&A transactions for both product acquisitions and creating marketing alliances.

Since 2004 Nanda has been active as a Business Broker and M&A Intermediary and has received extensive training from CABB, IBBA, and M&A Source in analysis, evaluation, and the sale of businesses.  He is a member of CABB (California Association of Business Brokers), IBBA (International Business Brokers Association) and M&A Source (World's Largest Association of Middle Market Intermediaries).  He is on the board of directions of CABB.  He is a Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) a certification granted by IBBA to business brokers with proven skills and experience in handling business transactions.

Nanda has brokered about 40 business transactions.  These range from main street businesses to over $10 million dollar transactions.    

Nanda has developed a great reputation for his professional abilities.  As an intermediary he insists on strict confidentiality, provides attention to detail and complete diligence to ensure that the transaction is actually completed in a professional manner that is satisfactory to both the buyer and the seller.