Name Julian Solomons, MBA (contact broker)
Primary Address
13590 Jadestone Way, San Diego, CA 92130
Member Since: 2007
DRE Lic. #: 1312480

Julian has been one of the top award winning intermediaries nationwide for the past 21 years!  Born London, & Graduated with a degree in Economics, Law & Accounting - (similar to an MBA).  Had executive roles with several multi-national public co’s in the sales/marketing function in the UK prior to partnering & building a multi-million dollar engineering/electroplating company in London.  Immigrated to the US in 1981.  Built, grew & successfully sold two companies during the eighties & nineties.  Joined VR M&A as an  intermediary in 2001 & was consistently placed in the top five nationwide! - left to start SSA in early 2010. Solomons specializes in the sale of A&D Engineering, Manufacturing & B2B Service Companies.  Using his proprietary sales & marketing techniques, combined with his near 40 years of solid business experience, he has a track record of achieving outstanding terms for his clients.