Name Anita Rich, CABB (contact broker)
CompanyRich Life Realty
Primary Address
2435 Crest View, Los Angeles, CA 90046
(818) 632-2258
Member Since: 2015
DRE Lic. #: 00782527

Anita Rich is a Broker and Past Manager for the last 30+ years.  Anita speaks several languages and has been involved with the ex-chairman of the Chicago  Exchange along with the owner of the Associates. Born in Budapest Hungary, Anita has lived in Austria, Montreal - Canada, New York and now in Los Angeles, California. Anita has owned and operated a variety of businessses and now is a major player in business investing. The Rich Life Realty group specializes in the marketing and sale of business in Los Angeles and Nationwide. 

Liquor Store- Restaurant and Bar acquisitons and sales are their specialty. Anita also serves on the Board of Directors for WeSpark a non profit Cancer support center and works closely with Jason Alexander and many well known Celebrities on Charity events that she co chairs.

Anita has a home in Cabo and enjoys traveling and bringing a Rich Life to all her clients. Do not hesitate to contact Anita with any and all of your business needs. Anita was an avid tennis player at the Mulholland Tennis Club and her Passion of Yoga for which she is certified is part of her life's routine.