Become a Certified Business Broker (CBB)

The CABB Certified Business Broker (CBB) is a privileged designation that identifies an experienced and dedicated Business Broker. The title distinguishes its holder as a seasoned, professional who has a solid educational background, proven accomplishments in completing business transactions, and is an active member of CABB. Renewal of the CBB Designation is required. To maintain the credential, CBB must complete the current requirements by the 4th anniversary of the award and each 4 years thereafter.

In order to hold the CBB designation, an active member of CABB must complete the following requirements.

Please submit your CBB application and supporting documents once you've completed ALL items. Please submit all your documents in ONE FILE to

Initial CBB Certification Requirements (see application form for further details):

  1. Membership in CABB and Agreement to uphold the Association Code of Ethics.
  2. Completion of CABB 101, CABB 201 and CABB 250.
    • CABB 101: Members who have other certifications or experience may waive CABB 101 CABB 101 Waiver Form
    • CABB 201: Members who have completed IBBA 210, 220, AND 221 or hold an active CBI may waive CABB 201. CABB 201 Waiver Form
    • CABB 250: No Waiver available
  3. Proof of selling 5 California-based business transactions (not Real Estate) that have successfully closed within the past 4 years where the applicant is the primary agent in the transaction. The 5 closed transactions must include at least 3 listing/seller representation transactions.
    Download Transaction Submittal Form
    • Closed Transactions must meet one of the following criteria:
      • Minimum gross transaction amount (purchase price) of $100,000 or
      • Minimum gross success fee/commission to broker of $10,000
  4. Attendance at 2 industry conferences in the past 4 years (CABB, IBBA or M&A Source), minimum of 1 CABB Conference. For example, if you are applying in 2024, then the conferences must have been attended between Jan 1, 2021 - Dec 31, 2025.
    (proof of attendance must be provided for IBBA & M&A Source Conferences)
  5. Completion of the CBB Application and $50 Application Fee.


Regular CBB Requirements

If you have completed IBBA 210, 220 & 221 or hold an active CBI designation you have the option to waive CABB 101 or 201 with additional requirements and proof.

Active CABB Membership



CABB 101


CABB 101 Waiver Form

CABB 201


CABB 201 Waiver Form

CABB 250

required required

5 Closed Transactions



2 Conference Attendances



Application Fee



Click here to view the CABB CBB Policy Manual.

Download the PDF Application for becoming a CABB CBB.

Click here to submit the $50 CBB Application Fee.

*As a reminder, you need to be logged into your Member Dashboard to submit the $50 application fee.

The CBB committee is made up of volunteers and does its best to process all applications in a timely manner. Please follow all instructions and provide all necessary documentation as requested.  Incomplete applications will result in delays or denial. Once the final application is submitted to the committee for final review, it can take up to 30 days for approval. CABB will update the CBB forms and applications from time to time to clarify program requirements. 

If a member's CBB credential is not renewed by its expiration date, for any reason (such as recertification was not applied for or renewed in time, CABB membership was not renewed in time, professional or personal circumstance), the CBB will have lapsed and will no longer be no longer valid. The member must immediately remove any claim of being designated a CBB or any use of the CBB logo from all of their promotional and marketing materials, including business cards, email signatures, websites, advertising, social media, etc.

If the lapsed member would like to renew/recertify their CBB designation and it is within 12 months of their expiration date, they can submit a written request with detailed information about the cause of the lapse to the CBB Committee, in the form of an email to, along with a completed CBB Renewal Application. The committee will review the member’s situation and may approve that the member can be renewed as a CBB within that year. This will allow the member to recertify their CBB designation without interruption to their standing as a CBB (which may affect eventual qualification for the Lifetime CBB designation). This approval decision will be at the sole discretion of the CBB Committee.

If more than 12 months have passed since the member’s lapse in their CBB designation, or if the CBB Committee does not approve a reinstatement that the member has requested, the member will need to fully reapply for the CBB Designation. This will effectively restart their CBB designation at year one (which may affect eventual qualification for the Lifetime CBB designation).