(1 DAY COURSE) 09:00 AM-4:00 PM

Registration Fee:

  • $149 CABB Member
  • $249 Non-Member

CABB 501 – Advanced Business Brokerage Forum

This course is required for those with a CBB as part of the recertification process.  It is also open to those with a CBB as part of their continuing education.

The CABB 501 course is a unique opportunity to participate in an open forum discussion with Veteran Business Brokers who do business in California. This course is also open to all CABB members who hold a CBB as part of continuing education. Since all attendees are experienced CBB's we encourage all of you to come to the class prepared to participate so we can all benefit from the group’s experience. Veteran Business Brokers who have taken this class have commented on how valuable it was to interact with other professionals in our industry and to get updated on current, relevant issues in our profession.

CABB 501 is only available twice a year so please plan accordingly.

Available Class Dates and Registration Pages Listed HERE

CABB CBB Renewal Course Summary

An open forum discussion with Business Broker veterans on topics such as:

  • Review and update on new brokerage tools, CRM’s, VDR’s, marketing, packaging, etc.
  • Securities licensing requirements in California for stock sales
  • Legal updates on important topics
  • Updates on CABB forms or suggestions on improving the forms or adding additional forms
  • Opinions of Value/MPSP’s, up-front fees or no cost?
  • PeerComps, Business Reference Guide, and other CABB or IBBA benefits
  • Agency Disclosure Statements – best practices
  • How to handle mandatory sick leave pay (3 days or 36 hours a year)
  • How to handle A/R, A/P, and working capital
  • “No Shop Clause” for Main Street, or how do you handle marketing once an offer is accepted –Do you take the business off the market? Will you accept other offers?
  •  Dealing with difficult landlords – transferring leases
  • SBA financing – new 2018 guidelines and how have you structured certain terms when SBA is involved
  • Seller Finance – Pros and Cons. How do you handle this (buyer’s credit report, financial statement, note, PG, etc.)
  • Reducing liability for Business Brokers. What do you do to avoid being involved in a lawsuit?
  • Records Retention including e-mails – what is your firm’s policy?
  • How do you handle record exchanges with Due Diligence (DropBox, ShareFile, etc.)
  • Do you carry Worker’s Comp or E&O?

Open discussion by attendees on one or two of their hardest, or most interesting, or most complicated deal (successfully closed or not) for discussion among all. Be prepared to discuss the issues involved, and how they were remedied.

Refund Policy: All education fees are non-refundable and must be used within 12 months of the date the payment was received. Any cancellation or no show less than 14 days prior to the course will be assessed an administrative fee of $50 to re-schedule the course at a later date. For more details on our refund policy CLICK HERE.