Recertification Requirements

Recertification of the CBB designation is required every 4 years. 

  1. Membership in CABB and Agreement to uphold the Association's Code of Ethics
  2. Completion of CABB 501. This course is often only offered 2 times a year (one in NorCal and one in SoCal), please plan accordingly based on your expiration date.
  3. A total of four (4) credits of selling business transactions (not Real Estate) that have successfully closed within the past 4 years. Download Transaction Proof Template.
    • Credits can be earned as follows:
      • $100,000 - $2 Million Transaction Value – Representing buyer or seller (1 Credit)
      • Above $2 Million Transaction Value – Representing buyer or seller (2 Credits)
      • Managing Broker – 0.5 Credits per transaction that you oversee (i.e. 8 transactions equal 4 credits)
    • Closed Transactions must meet one of the following criteria:
      • Minimum Gross Transaction amount (purchase price) of $100,000
      • Minimum gross success fee/commission of $10,000
  4. Attendance at 2 industry conferences in the past 4 years (CABB, IBBA or M&A Source), minimum of 1 CABB Conference
  5. Completion of the CBB Application and $50 Application Fee

Online CBB Renewal Application

Download PDF Renewal Application for CABB CBB

 a one-time bridge extension may be requested if your CBB credential has expired.


  1. Membership in CABB and Agreement to uphold the Association's Code of Ethics
  2. Payment for $50 Extension Fee
  3. Register and Pay for a CABB 501 course this year.

*You can view your CBB Status on the member dashboard.

One-Time Bridge CBB Extension Application

Download PDF Application for CBB Extension