Recertification Requirements

The CABB Certified Business Broker (CBB) is a privileged designation that identifies an experienced and dedicated Business Broker. The title distinguishes its holder as a seasoned, professional who has a solid educational background, proven accomplishments in completing business transactions and is an active member of CABB. Renewal of the CBB Designation is required. To maintain the credential, CBB must complete the current requirements by the 4th anniversary of the award and each 4 years thereafter.

Recertification of the CBB designation is required every 4 years.

Please submit your CBB application and supporting documents once you've completed ALL items. Please submit all your documents in ONE FILE to

  1. Membership in CABB and Agreement to uphold the Association Code of Ethics.
  2. Completion of CABB 501 during the 4-year eligibility period. This course is typically offered virtually 2 times each year. Please plan accordingly based on your expiration date.
  3. Completion of CABB 250 Legal Aspects course.
  4. Earning a total of 4 credits selling California-based businesses (representing the seller) that have closed within the 4-year certification timeline. For example, if the CBB credential expires on Dec 31, 2023, then the submitted transactions must have been closed within Jan 1, 2020-Dec 31, 2023. Download Transaction Submittal Form
    • Credits can be earned as follows:
      • $100,000 - $2 Million Business Transaction Value – Representing seller (1 credit)
      • Above $2 Million Business Transaction Value – Representing seller (2 credits)
      • Managing Broker – 0.5 Credits per transaction for an agent-run deal, that you oversaw (i.e. 8 transactions equal 4 credits)
    • Closed Transactions must meet one of the following criteria:
      • Minimum Gross Transaction amount (purchase price) of $100,000 or
      • Minimum gross success fee/commission of $10,000
  5. Attendance at 2 industry conferences in the past 4 years (CABB, IBBA or M&A Source), a minimum of 1 CABB Conference. For example, if the CBB credential expires on Dec 31, 2023, then the conferences must have been attended within Jan 1, 2020-Dec 31, 2023.
  6. Completion of the CBB Renewal Application and $50 Application Fee.

Click here to view the CABB CBB Policy Manual.

Download the PDF Renewal Application for CABB CBB.

Click here to submit the $50 CBB Application Fee.

*As a reminder, you need to be logged into your Member Dashboard to submit the $50 application fee.


A one-time, one-year bridge extension may be requested if a CBB credential is about to expire and the holder is not able to complete all the renewal requirements on time. The application and fee should be submitted no later than December 31 of the expiring year.

A one-time extension eliminates one (1) year of requirements eligibility. All requirements must be completed during a 4-year period from the new expiration date. For example, if your CBB credential expires on December 31, 2023 and you are approved for a one-year extension, your new CBB expiration date will be December 31, 2024. Submitted requirements must be within January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2024. 

To extend your CBB credential, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Membership in CABB and Agreement to uphold the Association's Code of Ethics
  2. Payment for $50 Extension Fee
  3. Register and pay for a CABB 501 course in the year the credential is expiring, although the course may be taken in the future.
  4. A member may only use the bridge extension once in the lifetime of the program.

*You can view your CBB Status on the member dashboard.

Download the PDF Application for CBB Extension.

Click here to submit the $50 CBB One-Time Bridge Extension Fee.

The CBB committee is made up of volunteers and will do their best to process all applications in a timely matter. Please follow all instructions and provide all the necessary documentation as requested. Incomplete applications will result in delays or denial.

CABB will update the CBB forms and applications from time to time to clarify program requirements. 


If a CBB credential lapses for any reason (recertification not renewed in time, or membership is not renewed in CABB), the member must immediately remove a claim of CBB Designation from all promotional and marketing materials. The lapsed member may apply for recertification at any time by utilizing the recertification guidelines and qualifications.