The CABB/IBBA affiliation is expected to bring the total membership of the IBBA to over 1,000 members worldwide and provide opportunities that come along with a larger organization. This will provide California Business Brokers with the chance to greatly enhance their professional tools, skills and image at a much lower cost than previously available. 

Listed below are a just a few of the additional benefits that will be then become available to our members:

  • 20 FREE BizMiner Industry Financial Reports ($1,900 value)
  • UNLIMITED ACCESS to PeerComps database and valuation tool ($600 value)
  • UNLIMITED ACCESS to Business Reference Guide Online ($199 value)
  • Savings on membership with International Franchise Professionals Group
  • Member only prices to IBBA University
  • Member pricing to conferences, IBBA classes and Education Summits
  • Webinars and discounted services

If you are currently an IBBA member, then you will receive a $200 voucher good through December 31, 2017 for use towards any IBBA Online University course and workshop.  Then as you renew your CABB membership next year, the IBBA membership will automatically be renewed without you having to renew the IBBA membership separately. 

In order to activate this benefit, you must take action.  We need your authorization to share your information with IBBA.  The information that will be shared is the information from your profile.  Follow the instructions in the email you received or by logging in to CABB and go to your Dashboard and click on the link.

Question #1
I am a CABB member who currently am also an IBBA member.  Am I eligible for any sort of refund on my 2017 IBBA membership dues?

No there is no provision for a refund but since you are currently an IBBA member here are the benefits you will receive:

  1. You will receive a $200 credit towards IBA Online University courses and workshops good till December 31st, 2017.
  2. If your IBBA membership is currently set to expire before December 31st, 2017, the expiration date will be changed to December 31st, 2017.
  3. When you renew your CABB membership for 2018, your IBBA membership will automatically be renewed and you would not need to pay for and renew your IBBA membership separately.

Question #2
What are the requirements to maintain the IBBA membership?

Please go to www.ibba.org for information on membership application and their code of ethics.

Question #3
What will happen to my IBBA membership if my CABB membership is suspended or terminated?

You must maintain your CABB membership in order to avail of this benefit.

Question #4
What is the IBBA membership grace period? CABB’s grace period is 30 days allowing members to have access to all membership benefits through January 31. Will CABB’s grace period apply to IBBA?

IBBA has extended the same grace period as CABB to IBBA members who are CABB members.  So you must renew your membership on or before January 30th of the year to maintain your CABB as well as your IBBA memberships.