Name James Huang(contact broker)
CompanyeXp Commercial
Primary Address
6 Cuzzano Aisle, Irvine, CA 92606
(310) 666-9282
Member Since: 2018
DRE Lic. #: 01271770

James Huang is the president of eXp Commercial division of eXp World Holdings. Mr. Huang will be overseeing, building and running commercial and ancillary services to support the growth of commercial real estate both domestically and globally.

Former Sperry Commercial Global Affiliates and the principal and founder of BRC Advisors. He is also the CEO of BRC Bellaire Holdings, LLC, a real estate private equity firm established as a joint venture between BRC Advisors Commercial Real Estate and Bellaire Investments. Additionally, Mr. Huang is a shareholder and an advisor to real estate syndications firms and start-up technology companies to help consult, raise capital, and make connections to other private equity investors and family offices from Main Street to Wall Street. In October 2019, he was installed as national president of AREAA (Asian Real Estate Association of America).

eXp Realty, The Real Estate Cloud Brokerage, is the fastest-growing, global residential real estate company with more than 50,000+ agents in the United States, Canada, Mexico and globally. As a subsidiary of a publicly traded company, eXp Realty uniquely offers real estate professionals within its ranks opportunities to earn eXp World Holdings stock for production and contributions to overall company growth.. In addition to his knowledge of the industry, James Huang brings invaluable operational experience, having launched, and managed several companies from the start-up to profitability phase.