Leslie Groene

Presented by: Hans Florine

Hans is a world-renowned rock climber, having successfully ascended the 3,000-foot granite face of El Capital in Yosemite National Park 178 times. He is a frequent motivational speaker, author, and thought leader in speed and efficiency, and has been featured in the New York Times, Sports Illustrated, Men’s Journal, and Ted Talks. Hans has held the speed record climbing the nose of El Capital on 8 occasions, most recently with Oscar-winning film star Alex Honnald of Free Solo.

In additions to his successes, Hans has failed to make it up to the face on a number of occasions and recently had a hard set back, falling and breaking both of his legs. He’s on the comeback and will share how performing at the highest level transcends climbing and can be applied to your brokerage practice.

You can learn more about Hans by visiting http://www.hansflorine.com/.

Monty Walker

Tax Reform: Ready, Set, Go!
Presented by: Monty Walker

Tax Reform is now in full force. The year 2018 income tax returns are being filed and taxpayers are now experiencing the actual outcome of this new legislation. The results for some taxpayers is a tax refund greater than in previous years while others are shocked by receiving a lower refund or in some cases, a tax bill. Many of these taxpayers did no form of planning or preparation. They simply developed an expectation based on what they heard in the news.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was a sweeping piece of legislation that left taxpayers with some answers, a lot of questions and numerous potential opportunities to explore. There is never a “one-size-fits-all” solution when it comes to tax planning. Now more than ever taxpayers need to critically analyze and challenge their tax situation and prepare for an expected outcome. This is especially true when it comes to the tax results associated with buying and selling a business.

Tax planning remains a critical element of the business transaction process. Tax reform’s impact on the choice of business entity to the tax paid on transaction gains results in planning needs for Buyers and Sellers alike.

This workshop will provide an update on current tax legislation and planning specific to business transactions.

Speaker Biography
Monty Walker is a Certified Public Accountant with a diversity of experience in the private closely-held business arena. Monty Supports Entrepreneurial Clients throughout the country. His practice focus is in the Business Transfer Industry providing support to Small Business Owners in the areas of Business Transactions, Business Structuring & Design, Business Tax Planning, and Business Exit Planning. He works with Business Sellers, Business Buyers and their various advisors, such as business intermediaries, accountants, and attorneys, to manage the unique financial, tax, planning and procedural matters associated with buying and selling a business. Due to his background in the area of business transfers and business transitions he is often referred to by his clients and colleagues as a – "Business Transition CPA". Additionally, Monty has also owned and operated several of his own businesses. Thus, his experience comes from being directly in the trenches.

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