Please review the following information carefully as it will assist you in filing your CABB consumer feedback.

Please understand that CABB cannot act as the court of law, thus CABB is not able to order that monies be refunded, contracts be canceled, damages be awarded, etc. If you have this type of concern, you should consult with an attorney since CABB is not authorized to give legal advice or act as your counsel. Most county bar associations in the state have lawyer referral services which can arrange a consultation for a modest fee.

If you believe a CABB member is violating the Real Estate Laws of the State of California and/or the Rules and Regulations of the Department of Real Estate of the State of California, please also submit a complaint to DRE. Learn more here:

CABB investigates consumer feedback against CABB members who are accused of violating the CABB Code of Ethics, found here on our website:

If you have reasons to believe that a CABB member has willfully violated the CABB Code of Ethics, demonstrated incompetence in the field of Business sales, or has violated the Real Estate Laws of the State of California, the CABB membership chair will follow the policies and procedures laid out in CABB’s Bylaws Section 3.09 and Section 3.10 found here:

All consumer feedbacks must be received in writing or email. Please summarize your concerns in a chronological manner using these guidelines:

  • Tell us what happened. Start from the beginning and describe the events as they occurred. Be specific as to what was said and who said it.
  • Tell us who was present during these conversations or acts.
  • Tell us when and where these conversations/acts took place.

Your consumer feedback will be reviewed by CABB’s membership chair and you may be requested to provide additional information.

Documentary evidence is important! Please include legible copies of all documents relating to your CABB consumer feedback.

*Please submit one consumer feedback form per CABB member.

CLICK HERE to download the CABB Consumer Feedback Form. 

Send your completed consumer feedback form and attachments by:

Email to:

Mail to:

Attn: Consumer Feedback
N. First St. Suite 140,
Fresno, CA 93726

Fax to:

Attn: CABB
(559) 227-1463