The CABB Certified Business Broker (CBB) is a privileged designation that identifies an experienced and dedicated Business Broker.

The CBB Committee is the shepherd of the CBB designation, reviewing and approving CBB applications and renewals to ensure all applicants and renewals meet the guidelines and requirements for certification/re-certification.

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Establish member education, experience and engagement requirements for obtaining and maintaining the CBB designation.
  • Review and approve CBB applications and renewals.
  • Work with the education committee to ensure the highest level of competence for CBB certification and renewal.
  • Update and revise enforcement processes to remove non-CBB's marketing claims from the internet.


2023 Chair: Matt Coletta

Meetings: Meet as needed.

Contact Matt if you'd like to learn more!

CBB Committee Member:

  • Amy Cole
  • Shannon Brown