CABB offers Affiliate Membership to professional advisors and companies that provide products and services to the overall Business Brokerage community; such as Attorneys, Accountants, Escrow Companies, Insurance Companies, Wealth Managers and Listing Service Companies.

Through participation in CABB, affiliates can take advantage of many opportunities for networking, education and marketing for business growth and expansion.

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All CABB memberships run on a calendar year. If you choose to Auto-Renew your membership your credit card will automatically renew on December 15, 2024, for the 2025 membership year.

CABB Individual Affiliate Membership

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  1. I have received, read and, if approved for membership, agree to abide by the By-Laws and Code of Ethics of the California Association of Business Brokers and all future amendments thereto.
  2. I authorize the membership committee to verify the information herein.
  3. I understand the described herein will pay my dues through December 31, 2024. Next year's dues will be due by January 31, 2025. Annual dues are determined by the CABB Board of Directors.
  4. I understand that membership in CABB is on an individual basis rather than a brokerage basis.