CABB offers a Corporate Membership category for those looking to enhance the return on their company’s investment. With corporate membership, multiple brokers from one organization get access to CABB membership benefits at discounted rates. Additionally, as a corporate member, your organization gets enhanced visibility with your CABB member constituents and industry peers.


  • Corporate membership includes one membership for the primary agent.
  • Each additional company member receives a discounted membership fee of $325.
  • Effective August 1st, 2017, CABB Individual and Corporate Individual Broker memberships include membership with IBBA Click here to learn more. 
  • The company can advertise ‘CABB Corporate Member’ on its Web site, business cards, etc.


  • The lead member of the company must complete and submit the CABB corporate membership application form to CABB Headquarters with the $499 membership fee.

Additional Information

  • A “Corporate” membership applies to a single corporation or ownership entity. Therefore, if a corporation (or ownership entity) has multiple locations, then a single corporate membership is all that is necessary to provide the reduced membership rate to all associates at each location. However, individual franchised corporate offices require a separate application and appropriate dues fee.
  • A corporate member may add associates to the corporate membership at any time.
  • No substitutions or refunds regarding the corporate membership.
  • If an associate leaves the employ of a corporate member, the discounted membership will not be renewed the following year unless they are a member of another company with a corporate membership.
  • If an associate leaves the employ of a corporate member, they will retain their corporate membership through their paid-through date. Full dues will be required for the following year.

Terms: Corporate memberships are available to multiple business brokers within the same corporation. Each primary contact of a corporate membership will be listed in a separate corporate membership listing and is entitled to all individual member privileges. Each additional broker from the same member firm will be listed as an individual and are entitled to the same member privileges.  When a company has multiple offices, as long as they are all owned by that same company, all offices will be able to share one corporate membership

For more information, please contact the CABB office at (866) 972-2220 or email

Refund Policy

If your membership application is not approved, you will receive a full refund of your membership dues and any other payment received associated with your application.


Mandatory Requirement for CABB Membership

Completion of CABB 101: Introduction to Business Brokerage (2 Day Course) is required within 9 months of joining CABB. For a list of upcoming courses, please visit

All CABB memberships run on a calendar year. If you choose to Auto-Renew your membership your credit card will automatically renew on December 15, 2024, for the 2025 membership year.


Corporate Membership
Total Amount
New Member | Corporate Primary - Company Details
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New Member | Corporate Primary
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New Member | Individual
California Bureau of Real Estate License Number
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Home Address

Employment/Business Experience

   My present business brokerage M&A experience is
   I have experience in the following business areas
Degrees / Certificates / Awards / Honors Received
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I Authorize CABB to SHARE PROFILE INFORMATION WITH IBBA. CABB will send your contact information to IBBA in order for IBBA to create and maintain your IBBA membership. For more information please see the IBBA FAQs.

If have previously selected "Yes" and would like CABB to stop sharing your information with IBBA, please call us at 866-972-2220


  1. I have received, read and, if approved for membership, agree to abide by the By-Laws and Code of Ethics of the California Association of Business Brokers and all future amendments thereto.
  2. I authorize the membership committee to verify the information herein.
  3. I understand the described herein will pay my dues through December 31, 2024. Next year's dues will be due by January 31, 2025. Annual dues are determined by the CABB Board of Directors.
  4. I understand that membership in CABB is on an individual basis rather than a brokerage basis.