The Education Committee is charged with leading the strategic direction and tactical execution of CABB's education courses, striving to deliver quality educational experiences to members. 

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Provide business brokerage training courses to new and seasoned business brokers
  • Update and improve existing CABB education courses to reflect industry best practices
  • Provide advanced training courses annually at the CABB Conference

2021 Goals:

  • Update CABB 101: Introduction to Business Brokerage course
  • Create CABB 201 Pre-Test to replace current pre-requisite requirements of IBBA 210 Pre-Test/IBBA 102
  • Create and offer, for prior CABB 201 graduates, a new CABB 202 course that updates them with the new CABB BOV Tool


2023 Co-Chairs: Ron Johnson and Steven Hanson

Meetings: Meet as needed.

Contact Ron or Steve if you'd like to learn more!

Instructors/Education Committee Members:

  • Matt Coletta
  • Tawnya Gilreath
  • George Hicks
  • Ron Johnson
  • Tony Moran
  • Rich Schammel
  • Lance Schmidt
  • Steve Zimmerman