The CABB Certified Business Broker (CBB) certification is a privileged designation that identifies an experienced and dedicated Business Broker. The title distinguishes its holder as a seasoned, professional who has a solid educational background, proven accomplishments in completing deals, and an active membership in the CABB.

Requirements for obtaining a CBB

  • Membership in good standing with CABB.
  • Completion of the CBB Application and proof of compliance.
  • Each CBB candidate must pledge to uphold the Association's Code of Ethics.
  • Successful completion of the following:
    • Two day CABB Training Course 101 with a score on the test of 75 or better.
    • Two day CABB 201 Finance for Business Brokers and Advanced Recasting and Valuations with a score on the test of 75 or better.
  • Submission of proof of listing and/or selling 5 business opportunities that have successfully closed. 

CBB Benefits

The CBB designation allows its holder the ability to differentiate from your competition. It is appropriate to use the initials CBB following  name in promotional materials and when signing correspondence. Many CBBs will find that it is an effective strategy, when marketing their services, to stress the benefits a client may expect by insisting on dealing with certified professionals. CABB will also be giving priority to CBB brokers when buyers or sellers go to the CABB web site to inquire about brokers.

Application for becoming a CABB CBB

Renewal and Recertification Requirements

Upkeep of the CABB designation is required.  Every CBB must complete the recertification requirements by the following third anniversary of the award and each four years thereafter.

To recertify as a CBB, the following requirements must be met:

  • Maintain an active membership in CABB
  • Pay an annual maintenance fee
  • Complete the 501 renewal education course.

A one-year extension may be requested if these requirements will not be met. Failure to complete these requirements in the recertification period will result in the revocation of the CBB designation.  It is possible to reinstate the designation after it has been lost.