Name Rich Buckley, Member CABB (contact broker)
CompanyRich Buckley Realty
Primary Address
411 South L Street, Livermore, CA 94550
(925) 443-1122
Member Since: 2007

No Business Opporutunity Sale is Too Small. I am a small office and handle mostly small mom and pop sales of under $1/4-million total price and several sales each year in the $50,000+- total price range. Through consulting and guiding the successful business sale I efficiently get the tiny mom and pop busineses sold. I'm able to  keep fees down for the micro-business size sales. We also serve clients in real estate and business primarily within a 20 mile radius of Livermore. Over the past 42 years we have developed multiple lines of expertise including residential, land, small investment properties, commercial/industrial, medical, dental, leasing, property management and small business opportunity sales of $25K to $10-Mil size. Complete Resume here.