Name Lynn Colclough(contact broker)
CompanyNational Business Brokerage, Inc.
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23120 Alicia Parkway, #219, Mission Viejo, CA 92692
(949) 257-7169
Member Since: 2018
DRE Lic. #: 02040378

Having lived in Orange County, California nearly most of my life, I’ve seen it grow from its humble beginnings of strawberry farms, orange groves, and chili factories to one of the most prosperous places in the world. My first job was delivering the afternoon edition of the Orange County Register. I met my husband in Orange County. My children were born in Orange County, and I am fortunate to have most of my extended family still living here.

I did leave home briefly to earn a literature degree from University of California, San Diego. After graduating, I returned home to seek my fortunes. I spent the next six fast-paced years at As director of vendor marketing. I managed a successful sales team that pioneered the way marketers and advertisers promote and market their products and services on the Internet today. Innovation was vital to my success at I also had the exciting opportunity to assist in taking the e-commerce company from start-up to IPO.

Continuing on in sales within a different industry, I spent the next eight years in finance and lending. I joined one of the largest lending companies in the United States, Option One Mortgage, as an account executive where I ranked top ten nationwide in closings and sales for five consecutive years. Being truthful and following-up with my clients were keys to my success.

After my time in lending, I had the opportunity to pursue a lifelong dream. I started a clothing company from the ground up – from concept to finished goods. I had no connections, no experience in the fashion industry, let alone manufacturing, but I had one thing and that was determination. I was also recommended and hand-picked for a TLC reality show featuring up and coming fashion designers. Pursuing this dream is one of the best things that I ever did for myself, and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity. Having a driving intention and clear focus on my goals gave me the strength to see my dream come to life.

My strengths in numbers and analysis led me to FFG Valuations Inc. for the next ten years where I assisted in fieldwork, compiling and reviewing a multitude of business valuation reports of various companies and industries. I became fascinated by the uniqueness of each business. I love the complex world of business because I am an American dreamer. I understand the inner drive and desire to build something bigger than oneself.

I believe that America is truly the land where anything is possible. If you want something, you have a chance to go after it. More importantly, I want to help other people fulfill their dreams of owning their own business. I want to help business owners transition from one phase of their life to another. I want spend a moment in your shoes. What are your plans for the future? Let’s walk this journey together.

I’m not just someone trying to sell your business. I am a professional business broker who cares how hard you’ve worked and sacrificed to build a profitable business, make a living, and raise a family. I’m an American dreamer myself. I’m one part corporate, one part entrepreneur, one part business geek. Sounds like a recipe but isn’t that how life is sometimes? Bitter, sweet, rich, and sometimes we go hungry. Want to know what’s in those parts?

One part corporate- I spent fifteen years in corporate America within various industries: technology, internet, financial: from customer service to sales. I’ve led, managed, broken records, and set standards.

One part entrepreneur- I founded a clothing company, from concept to finished goods. I understand the hard work and guts that are needed to realize a vision and commit to a plan. Fun fact: I was featured in a TLC reality show featuring up and coming fashion designers.

One part business geek- The business geek was always in me but it came out when I was with a business valuation firm for ten years, doing fieldwork researching businesses and industries. Reading and analysis are my specialties. I was intrigued by the combination of hard work, timing, luck, and grit a business owner needs to build a successful business, raise a family, support employees and their families, and give back charitably.

I apply all of these parts in my practice. I understand how hard it is to create and sustain a profitable business. It’s emotional many times to have to let go, to think about your exit plan during times of good and bad. Selling a business is one part financial, one part art.

My expertise spans multiple industries some of which include light manufacturing, retail, restaurant, and insurance, and service-related industries.

Here’s how I help you sell your business: I save you time so you can keep focused on your business; I keep all things confidential, seek out buyers, and carry the seller and buyer through the deal flow process in order to transfer ownership successfully.