Name Linn Crader, CBI, CBC (contact broker)
CompanyMurphy Business LA., Inc.
Primary Address
4000 Kruse Way Place, Lake Oswego, 97035
(949) 423-0088
Member Since: 2018
DRE Lic. #: 02025257

Linn Crader has owned and operated M&A firms since 1981 after serving as Vice President for Finn & West Inc. a merger and acquisition firm. Mr. Crader has more than 36 years experience in the merger and acquisition industry. His extensive background includes hundreds of successful business transactions. Mr. Crader pioneered business valuation in the middle market and is well known for his thorough approach to deal structure. His depth of understanding and experience in business provides Business Transition Services, Inc. with a solid foundation. The middle market M&A team approach Mr. Crader developed is regarded by the industry as the cutting edge of professional representation.

Mr. Crader is nationally recognized as an advocate for the advancement and development of ethics and professionalism in the merger and acquisition field. His activities include teaching professional continuing education courses in subjects relating to merger and acquisition deal structure in the middle market. Mr. Crader is highly regarded for his efforts in incorporating estate planning, wealth empowered family banks and tax saving strategies in deal structure. He is a popular guest speaker at many national, professional development seminars and for a number of local business groups.

Mr. Crader served as Vice President of Finance for the Institute of Certified Business Counselors and is a member of the International Business Brokers Association and the M&A Source. He has held a number of leadership positions in many fraternal and professional organizations and sits on the board of several corporations and investment groups.