Name Patrick Totah, CBB (contact broker)
CompanyRestaurant Realty Co.
Primary Address
208 N Lake Merced Hills, San Francisco, CA 94132
(415) 602-9131
Member Since: 2020
DRE Lic. #: 01787532

I’m Patrick Totah, and I’m a listing transaction agent with Restaurant Realty Company, the oldest restaurant brokerage in California. I’m also a restaurant consultant with over three decades of experience in the food industry.

Since joining RRC in 2018, I have facilitated the sale of many restaurants, bars, and multi-unit chains in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout California. Restaurant transactions are complex and multi-faceted, and I’m a master of the many elements involved in getting a deal done. I understand that buyers, sellers, and landlords bring different needs and concerns to a transaction, and I am extremely adept at taking everyone’s needs into account, and coming up with solutions that make sense for all parties. My clear and consistent communication practices enable me to navigate the inevitable challenges that arise throughout the transaction process, and successfully get deals done.