The Forms Committee maintains, improves, and develops business brokerage forms for use by CABB members.

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Maintain, improve, and develop business brokerage forms for use by CABB members. 
  • Continuously improve existing forms and keep them up to date with changing regulations, market conditions, and best practices. 
  • Review major forms annually and keep minor forms in sync. 
  • Develop new forms to fill in the business acquisition documentation gap, further eliminate the potential for business brokers to be vulnerable to “practicing law” and improve the quality of benefits to members. 
  • Respond to member feedback and questions regarding forms. 


  • Facilitate deal-making and provide essential tools of the trade 
  • Protect brokers from practicing law 
  • Forms that are Buyer/seller neutral (fair, balanced) 
  • Forms structured to apply to most but not all transaction circumstances 
  • Forms that are easy to understand (plain language) forms 
  • Forms that are easy to use, hard to screw up, unambiguous 
  • Forms structured to accommodate variation in brokerage practices 
  • Forms that include reasonable legal protections for buyer, seller, and broker 

2019 Achievements:

  • Created Forms Technical Sub-Committee
  • Identified Affordable Solution to Protect CABB Forms 
  • Created New LOI Form
  • Created New Lease Assignment Form
  • Created New LOI Addendum Form
  • Updated APA to be consistent with LOI, increase protection to CABB members and address comments raised at CABB Conference
  • Updated Representation Agreement to be consistent with APA venue

2020 Achievements:

  • Created new forms
    • LOI Amendment form
    • COVID-19 Advisory & Acknowledgement form
    • COVID-19 Addendum to Purchase Agreement
    • Lease Assignment without Release
    • Lease Assignment with Release
  • Revised forms
    • Shareholder Authorization form
    • Shareholder Authorization Addendum form
    • APA form
    • Rep Agreement


  • Update Stock Purchase Agreement to incorporate APA revisions (completed) and revise the Working Capital section. 
  • Create a new Seller Note Form and related Guarantee Form 
  • Update the APA Tutorial 
  • Work with PESC IT (Jose Torres) to complete the “Auto-Populate” project that allows Broker, Seller, and Buyer info to be automatically loaded into all forms. 
  • Develop a process for prioritizing and updating forms in response to membership input/feedback 


2021 Chair: Tawnya Gilreath

Meetings: Every second Tuesday from 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm.

Contact Tawnya if you'd like to learn more!

Forms Committee Members:

  • Joe Atchison (Broker)
  • Bob Brooks (Forms Co-Chair)
  • David Burgess (Attorney)
  • Jordan Reis Cohen (Attorney)
  • Matt Coletta (Broker)
  • Ed Fixen (Broker)
  • Tom Georgiana (Attorney)
  • Soo Kong Lim (Broker)
  • Michael Mogin (Broker)
  • Romin Thomson (Attorney)
  • Scott Williams (Attorney)
  • Adam Wiskind (Broker)