The Forms Committee maintains, improves and develops business brokerage forms for use by CABB members.

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Continuously improve existing forms and keep them up to date with changing Regulations, market conditions, and best practices
  • Review major forms annually and keep minor forms in sync
  • Develop new forms to fill in the business acquisition documentation gap, further eliminate the potential for business brokers to be vulnerable to “practicing law” and improve the quality of benefits to members
  • Respond to member feedback and questions regarding forms

2019 Goals:

  • Update and integrate recent APA revisions into the Stock Agreement where applicable
  • Update Representation Agreement Form
  • Create a new Lease Assignment Form
  • Create a new Letter of Intent Form
  • Create a new Term Sheet Form
  • Create a new Forms Technology Sub-Committee


2019 Chair: Ed Fixen

Meetings: Every second Wednesday from 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm.

Contact Ed if you'd like to learn more!

Forms Committee Members:

  • Joe Atchison (Broker)
  • Bob Brooks (Forms Co-Chair)
  • David Burgess (Attorney)
  • Jordan Reis Cohen (Attorney)
  • Matt Coletta (Broker)
  • Douglas Dal Cielo (Attorney)
  • Tom Georgiana (Attorney)
  • Phil Holt (Broker)
  • Soo Kong Lim (Broker)
  • Michael Mogin (Broker)
  • Dave Richards (Broker)
  • Greg Roberti (Broker)
  • Joe Schneider (Broker)
  • Julian Solomons (Broker)
  • Romin Thomson (Attorney)
  • Scott Williams (Attorney)
  • John Woodman (Broker)