Are You Sure Your Deal is Completed?

When it comes to your deal being completed, having a signed Letter of Intent is great.  While everything may seem as though it is moving along just fine, it is vital to remember that the deal isn’t done until many boxes have been checked. The due diligence process should never be overlooked.  It is during due diligence that a buyer truly decides whether or not to move forward with a given deal.  Depending on what is... Continue Reading →

Around the Web: A Month in Summary

A recent article published by Divestopedia entitled “The Only Valuation Method that Really Matters” explains the best method to use to value a business: the Business Buyer Valuation Method. While there are certainly other valuation methods, the author suggests that this one is the best and will bring you close to what a buyer is actually willing to pay. Steps like determining who the most likely buyer is for your business and how... Continue Reading →

Do You Really Know the Value of Your Company?

It is common for executives at companies to undergo an annual physical.  Likewise, these same executives will likely examine their own investments at least once a year, if not more often.  However, rather perplexingly, these same capable and responsible executives never consider giving their company an annual physical unless required to do so by rule or regulations. Most Business Owners Don’t Know Recently, a leading CPA firm... Continue Reading →

Understanding Issues Your Buyer May Face

Not every prospective buyer actually buys a business.  In fact, out of 15 prospective buyers, only 1 actually makes a purchase.  Sellers should remember that being a buyer can be stressful.  The bottom line is that buying a business is usually one of the single largest financial decisions that a person can make.  In this article, we are going to explore a few of the reasons why being a buyer can be both stressful and taxing... Continue Reading →

The Six Most Common Types of Buyers: Pros & Cons

Business owners considering selling should realize that they have many different types of prospective buyers.  Today’s prospective business buyers are more sophisticated and diverse than ever before.  Let’s take a closer look at the different types of prospective buyers and what you should know about each of them. 1.  Family Members Family members often buy businesses from other family members.  There are many reasons this... Continue Reading →

5 Things You Need to Know About Confidentiality Agreements

Confidentiality is a major concern in virtually every business.  Quite often business owners become a little nervous when it comes time to sell their business; after all, business owners usually want to keep the fact that they are selling confidential.  Yet, at the same time, business owners want to receive top-dollar for their businesses and sell that business as quickly as possible.  In order to sell a business quickly and... Continue Reading →

Around the Web: A Month in Summary

A recently published Divestopedia article entitled “The Top 10 EBITDA Adjustments to Make Before Selling a Business” explains common practices in adjusting EBITDA before selling a business for the purpose of helping the seller get the best value from the sale. The process of normalizing a company’s financials is often done by investment bankers before a sale to help show potential buyers the best possible version of a company... Continue Reading →

Financing the Sale of a Business

  02 May Financing the Sale of a Business    How the purchase of a business will be structured is something that must be dealt with early on in the selling process. The simple fact is that the financing of the sale of a business is too important to treat as an afterthought. The final structure of any sale will be the result of the negotiations between buyer and seller. In order for the sale to be completed in a... Continue Reading →

Defining Goodwill

    25 Apr     Defining Goodwill Posted at 08:25h in Uncategorized by bbpadmin You may hear the word “goodwill” thrown around a lot, but what does it really mean?  When it comes to selling a business, the term refers to all the effort that the seller put into a business over the year.  Goodwill can be thought of as the difference between the various tangible assets that a business has and the overall purchase... Continue Reading →

A Deeper Look at Seller Financing When Selling A Business

  19 Apr A Deeper Look at Seller Financing When Selling A Business  A buyer typically has one of three ways to buy a business – Cash, SBA Finance or Seller Finance. Cash deals are rare and require a discount in the value to attract a cash offer. SBA Finance have pros and cons and can be expensive to obtain. Also, not all businesses can qualify for SBA or business acquisition loans. The bottom line is that most buyers don’t have the... Continue Reading →