Name Sally Rowshan(contact affiliate)
CompanySecured Trust Escrow
Primary Address
Secured Trust Escrow, Torrance, CA 90503
(310) 720-6849
Service Area by County Los Angeles County
Type of Business Escrow
Type of Business (other) Escrow

Secured Trust Escrow is an independent escrow company with expertise on business sales and holding escrows and licensed by the DFPI. 

Sally Rowshan is the founder and President of Secured Trust Escrow. She discovered her passion for real estate and the settlement services industry as a first-year law student at Georgetown Law School, where she interned for a small underwritten title company in Alexandria, Virginia. Sally has been the escrow agent and go-to professional for many high-end luxury real estate transactions across Southern California. 

​Her area of expertise is business sale escrows and holding escrows. Throughout the years, she has handled complex holding escrows for attorneys, receivers, judges, and other fiduciaries who required a third-party fiduciary to draft escrow instructions and hold funds pursuant to the requirements of an underlying agreement. Additionally, Sally has been the escrow officer for numerous complex business sales, mergers  and acquisitions, including franchise operations, gas stations, software and gaming companies, and other businesses.

As a result of her expertise and impact on the industry, Sally was nominated as a Top 100 U.S. Attorney in 2020 and featured in the Top 100 Attorneys Magazine.