Name Khurram Chohan(contact affiliate)
CompanyTogether CFO, LLC
Primary Address
2160 century park east, LOS ANGELES, CA 90067
(323) 546-6155
Service Area by County Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, San Diego County, San Francisco County
Type of Business Accounting, Finance,
Type of Business (other) Eliminating Capital Gains

If you could imagine a kid growing up in the countryside of England, lots of beautiful green fields and rolling hills running around playing in the mud with his dog, that was basically Kc as a kid. His hopeless curiosity and desire to grow led him to be interested in business, specifically big business with big problems to solve because he loves solving problems and really pushing what people consider the limits.

Kc ended up getting a degree in business and finance thinking that those two combined would be a great skill set to understand and thrive in business, not anticipating or thinking he would start an accounting firm.

He then went in the direction of being a boring accountant and working on bookkeeping – which makes most people have a visceral cringe when mentioned, “Oh dam, that sounds terribly boring.” It was a great opportunity, not something he could say no to especially as he had the job before he had even finished university.

It was very difficult to say no to an immediate paycheck but…

Becoming an accounting as you can probably imagine was kind of miserable doing the same thing day in day out because HE REALIZED that he had so much more to offer than just hiding in the books.

It became apparent to Kc that this was not aligned with his unique disposition and personality and one thing he believes in strongly is that to be successful, people need to live in a place they thrive.

Kc is so much more of an outgoing people-person than an introvert and wanted to become an entrepreneur so that he could understand how to build a sustainable business.

Unlike everybody else from his university program who moved to London or Dubai and basically just worked in finance and investment banking, Kc moved back to his home town Middlesbrough. After working at an accounting firm he quickly realized this was not a great fit for what he wanted out of life, going back to his unique personality he knew that he needed a place to have a bigger impact so he then moved into management accounting for a big Fortune 500 company called Flowserve.

After 8 years working with Flowserve relocating 2 times domestically and then eventually internationally to Los Angeles Kc had enough of the corporate lifestyle and wanted to try something new.

For almost a decade he had been performing:
– Month-end close
– Cashflow analysis
– Forecasting
– Budgeting
– Building better systems and processes
– Tax analysis and optimization

By the time Kc left, Flowserve had $4.7 Billion in annual revenue. But Kc got bored with corporate America. Which was very different in the US compared to the UK, and had a focus on maximizing everything instead of optimizing, perception over results,

Kc is all about results over perception.

In 2016 Kc then went into the startup world, working with CEOs of smaller companies than the Billion dollar corporate environment he was used to. Open communication between departments allowed Kc to optimize not just systems and processes but how they interact and create a better culture and desired outcome for the business owners.

Kc started to thrive quickly and realized he could create a much bigger impact working with multiple companies rather than just one. This was definitely Kc’s sweet spot and the deeper he dived into outsourced CFO services and got his client’s amazing results the more people would reach out and ask for advice.